Boost your lead generation process on LinkedIn!

As your "virtual LinkedIn assistant", Leadmaker will automate the lead generation process.

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Up to 1000 new 1st connection monthly
Automate your network expansion!
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Up to 1.500 messages monthly
personalized mass messages from LinkedIn
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Save 100 types of profile data
Mine data of 1st/2nd/3rd connections!
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Leadmaker subscription is much more effective when used with a LinkedIn Premium subscription.

With LinkedIn Premium you are able to visit several hundreds of profiles everyday. (Free users are limited by LinkedIn to 100 daily profile views.) LinkedIn's "Business" subscription is a great deal for effective networking and lead generation. By utilizing Leadmaker, you will exponencially increase the return.

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Leadmaker is not a part of LinkedIn or a LinkedIn partner network.

160,000 2nd connections

if you have 400 1st connections on LinkedIn

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Your benefits

Extend network with Leadmaker
Your 1st connections

Get direct contact to decision-makers with Autoinvite!

Leadmaker provides the ability to send personalized, mass invitation messages to your selected 2nd-s. Reach hundreds of leads, with one single click!

If you burn out the daily maximum of connection requests (limited by LinkedIn), with Leadmaker you can still use the "Curiosity marketing" best practice. It works, because approximately 8% of decision-makers visit the profiles which appears on their LinkedIn's 'Who's viewed your profile?' widget. It's like a handshake on a conference. With Autovisit you can introduce yourself for hundreds of potential leads.


"In half a year, with Leadmaker and LinkedIn Premium I was able to get in direct contact with thousands of decision-makers. Leadmaker made half the job of my assistant."

Jack Finch
Sales Director

Your target group
Your potential customers

Leadmaker provides custom parameters to segment your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections.

To be effective in connection requests or LinkedIn messaging you should segment and customize in detail your target group. Leadmaker is able to increase the conversion of your activity based on position, industry, seniority, and further custom parameters


"Using secondary segmentation information, I was able to send custom messages to different segments of contacts, and raise their interest more effectively."

Hans Zimmermann
Head of Marketing & Sales

Reach your target group with a high open rate!
with a single click to a whole segment

Send personalized mass message to your 1st connections!

LinkedIn messages have much higher open rate, than usual mail campaigns. Use this advantage without huge efforts of individually composed letters! You can personalize group messages with nick names or even accented names, which makes your message much more credible.


"Leadmaker is able to look up corporate registration number for most of the companies. This way I could assign already available information to the list of my LinkedIn contacts."

Rebeka Salit
HR Director

Play on the big track!
in Leadmaker or in your CRM

With Leadmaker you can manage your pipeline directly in LinkedIn, or export it into your CRM system.

You are able to update status, next action date, and further custom parameters in Leadmaker for each of your 1st / 2nd / 3rd connections. With the mass edit function you can effectively accomplish it. Moreover, you can export all your custom parameters and use it in your CRM (or you can import your CRM data in Leadmaker in interest of effective segmentation).


"Using pipeline parameters is essential for systematic operation. I started it within Leadmaker, but later on CRM import became very useful."

Pierre Dufourg
HR Specialist


Have access to 100 types of information from a profile!

Leadmaker collects data like email, workplace, education, skills or even open linker status from each profile. These help you to reach a decision maker through its former colleague or select the right person for an open job based skills and former jobs. Mined data are also ready to sync them into your CRM.


"With Leadmaker's mined former positions data we often reach a DM through a former leader of the targeted company. They have good connections to the actual management without compliance restrictions."

Claudio Baronio
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Archive your current network
Your 1st connections

We make a backup of your LinkedIn account with unique data.

The default LinkedIn backup saves limited amount of data. Our software is able to save more public information of your 1st connections like industry, location, and many others.


"By using the backup feature, I was able to get comprehensive information about my circle of contacts, which proved to be extremely useful when it came to communication and making decisions."

Gheorgiu Popescu

How does Leadmaker work?

Three steps to increase lead conversion from LinkedIn.